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Maya Outcomes


_- High priests, or ah kin, sometimes sat on the councils of state and advised on important decisions.- The halach uinics, or chiefs, had total power but were advised by a council of state made up of nobles or lords.- Batabs helped the halach uinic to rule. They collected taxes and acted as judges in local disputes and leaders in times of war.- People asked preists to help with the smallest problem.- Priests had special jobs, such as conducting ceremonies or telling farmers when to plant their crops.


- They lived in Central America ,mostly in Guatemala and Mexico.- The Maya lived in lands covered with forests and grass.- In the south, there were high mountains and tropical rainforests. In the north, on the Yucatan Peninsula, bush and scrub grew thickly.- It was usually warm, and in the rainforest it was very hot and humid.- There was a lot of rain, so crops grew easily and the ground was fertile.- They built cities and temples between 200 and 900 AD.

Agriculture and Trade

By: Kristen Bucchin and Samantha Perkins



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