Maya_divison project

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Maya_divison project

LEARN DIVISON!does mcdonalds sell cheesburgers raw?Divide,Multiply,Subtract,Check,Remainder

TRY DIVIDING YOURSELF!!!Q: Susa has 235 pens.She wants to give even amounts of pens to her 3 friends. How many pens will each friend get?A: 78 Remainder . 1

TRY DIVIDING YOURSELF!!!Q: Sally has 375 candies. She wants to eat the candy evenly in 3 days. How much candy should she eat everyday?A: 125!!!

TRY DIVIDING YOURSELF!!!Q: 1,100 divided by 4A: 275

VOCABDividend -Number being dividedDivisor- number dividend is being divided by

VOCABQuotient- The answerRemainder- the left over numbers from a divison problem


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