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Maya Ajmera


The Global Fund for ChildrenThe Global Fund for Children is an organization that was create by Maya in 1993 whose purpose is "to transform the lives of the world's most vulnerable children." It is through this organization that Maya chose to become an author. Her non-fiction stories bring to life global awareness through real-life photographs of children. These books are designed to help children make connections to the world around them. Proceeds from these books go towards grants that are used for innovative community-based organizations. Maya has also brought other media and social outlets to the organization to further publicize the message of the GCF. To date, The Global Children's Fund has given grants totaling over $25 million to more than 500 organizations in 78 different countires reaching the lives of an estimated 7 million children.

Early Life and EducationMaya Ajmera was born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina by two Inidian immigrants. She attended Bryn Mawr College where she recieved an AB in biology. She later attended the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy at Duke Universitywhere she recieved a MPP (masters in public policy). She was also a Rotary Scholar and traveled South and Southeast Asia. It is during this time that she got inspiration to become an author as well as to create The Global Fund for Children. Follow this link for the story.

Children's BooksMaya has written many differnet books, her most famous being her books written for The Global Children's Fund. She gets inspiration for her stories from children around the world. She takes trips and simply observes kids being kids. Her most popular book being "Children from Australia to Zimbabwe", a non-fiction text that is composed of photographs taken of real children in countries from A-Z around the world. Other popular titles include but are not limited to:*"Global Baby Girls"*"Global Babies"*"Be My Neighbor"*"Our Grandparents"*"Healthy Kids"*"Faith"Maya's books have not only helped to raise funds for The Global Children's Fund, but they have also made children realize that they have connections with children around the globe. Her stories has linked many diverse cultures through common cultural characteristics such as play, family, faith, etc. Her books have helped teachers and families develop a sense of global awareness in children and enabled them to become open-minded global thinkers.

Stephanie ParkerMulticultural Literature and WritingFall 2013

Click here to watch video demonstrating Maya's writing style and what her books look like.

Awards and Present DayMaya has won a variety of awards for her work with The Global Children's Fund. Some awards include the Henry Crown Fellowship, the Echoing Green Fellowship, Women of Distinction Award, and honored as one of CNN's Heroes and one of their segments. In 2011, Maya stepped down as president of The Global Children's Fund. She now resides in Washington, D.C. with her husband and is Vice-chair of the board for Echoing Green, as well as board member for The Global Children's Fund, New Global Citizens, and Kids in Need of Defense. She is also a member of many advisory boards. She is currently writing an autobiography.


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