May Day in Gee's Bend

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African-American History

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May Day in Gee's Bend

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Season 2, Episode 8May Day in Gee's Bend

Gee's Bend QuiltsAuburn University project

The community of Boykin in Wilcox County is better known to the world as Gee’s Bend and is world- renowned for the fabulous quilts that local women have been making for generations. The annual May Day celebration in Boykin serves as a huge homecoming for people with roots in the Bend. We will meet Gee’s Benders as they come from all over the United States to gather on the old school grounds, visit relatives, eat great food and participate in a ritual softball game.

Then and Now

Gee’s Bend Pastimes to Patchwork Tour from the Sweet Home Alabama site


EventMay Day Festival --Gee's Bend1st Saturday in May

* The Future of Gee’s Bend- Deep South Magazine

History of May Day and activities

Boykin, Alabama also known as Gee's Bend

Boykin, AlabamaBoykin, Alabama



May Pole Dance

Gee's Bend Ferry

* The Ferry: A Civil Rights Story/Retro Report




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