May Day in Cuba

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May Day in Cuba

About the occasion Primero de Mayo en Cuba (1st of May) is massively celebrated in Cuba with workers marching with their colleagues to the Revolution Square, where special cultural and musical events are held as well as speeches from leading figures. The largest gathering in Cuba is in Havana, where every year more than a million workers, gather at the Plaza de la Revolucion at the foot of the giant statue of Cuba's godfather of the Revolution

May Day In Cuba

It's a spectacular scene with masses of people dressed in red, waving flags and displaying banners in support of the Cuban Revolution. Traditionally Fidel would address the people with one of his typically lengthy speeches, encouraging and congratulating the workers on their achievements. Now it is assumed that Raul or another leading figure will make the speech.

Celebrations Associated with May Day.

The Cuban War of Independence was an armed conflict against Spain that led to U.S. intervention in Cuba and to the Spanish–American War. The Cuban War of Independence began in 1895 when revolutionary exile José Martí arrived in Cuba and presented Spain with the Proclamation of Montecristi. With limited success in its first years, the Spanish atrocities in the Cuban war incited U.S. interest in the conflict. The United States would intervene following the explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor in 1898, beginning the Spanish-American War. The war ended with the Treaty of Paris being signed on December 10, 1898, which transferred Cuba to the United States for temporary occupation, preliminary to the island's independence.

Cuba Liberation Day : Cuba celebrates Liberation Day on 1 January every year.This national public holiday commemorates the overthrow of the military government of Fulgencio Batista (1901-1973) led by Fidel Castro that succeeded on January 1, 1959. On 1 January 1959, the day after the rebels defeated government forces at the city of Santa Clara, Batista fled into exile (first in the Dominican Republic, later in Portugal) and his forces capitulated shortly afterwards. It is this 1 January, rather than the 1899 date, which the present Cuban regime celebrates as its Liberation Day.

Mayo Día En Cuba


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