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Max's Words

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Watch as these youth performers act out Max's words. Then, think about how you would do the same thing. Finally, put your production together ;o)

Create your own here!

What job do you think would be good for Max once he's an adult?Remember- use your Open Response example and rubric as a guide (write in TK)

Listen in to how you can make any subject come alive with poetry!

Check out collections from around the world at The Smithsonian and information on how to start your own.

In your Journeys Journal, make a list of at least 10 different things you could "collect".Then choose one and write the 5W's +H about it!

Hey! See why collecting something can be good for a kid's growing brain!

How to stay away from using "crutch words" when speaking.

The words you choose to use make the difference in how well your message gets understood by others.

like, um, uh,and, but, so, then, I, awesome, amazing, great, fun, cool, bad, good, one, day.... Now make a list of more and vow not to use them too often!




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