Maximum Ride Part 1

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Maximum Ride Part 1

Maximum Ride:The Angel Experiment

One dominant theme in this story is family. The Flock did not have traditional families or childhood experiences since they were raised in The School. However, they have created their own type of family unit since living together. Jeb was the closest person they knew and they considered him as a type of father role, which made his betrayal so hurtful to them. The idea of family reappears throughout the story, such as when Max sees the relationship between Dr. Martinez and her daughter, Ella, and when she learns Ari is her brother. Their desire to know their biological parents is so strong that it drives their actions in the second half of the story and ends with them deciding to travel to find their parents. Whether connected biologically or from friendship, the importance of the role of family is a major theme in this story.Staying brave and courageous is another theme of this story. Even though the Flock are young children, they are forced to constantly face dangerous situations. They always do so with strength and courage. None of them hesitated to go find Angel or return to The School, even though they had been tortured there. Max never seems to show fear and faces challenges like helping Ella, even when it is not her problem. There are several times that they are in potentially deadly situations, including when they have to fight the Erasers, but the Flock always shows strength and courage and never backs down.


The setting of Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment occurs in two main locations. In the beginning half of the story, the Flock travels from their secret home to The School. The action takes place in the area surrounding The School. In the second half of the story, the Flock travels to New York City where they remain until the end of the book.


By: James Patterson

In Maximum Ride, the story’s plot is centralized around a group of genetically altered human kids with avian (bird) DNA. They have special powers including actual wings and the ability to fly. Raised in a laboratory called “The School”, the children were under the control of scientists called “white-coats". One day, the six avian hybrids manage to escape The School and with the help of white-coat Jeb, they live on their own in hiding. The group, or “Flock”, consists of six children, three boys and three girls, ranging in age from six to fourteen. The conflict begins when scientists and Erasers (humans with wolf DNA) attack the Flock and kidnap Angel, the youngest girl. Maximum Ride, the unquestionable leader of the Flock, personally leads two of the Flock on a mission to rescue Angel. After several clashes with Erasers, they get Angel back. Angel shares important information with them which prompts them to take a trip to find “The Institute”. This is a laboratory, similar to The School, in New York City, where they hope to find information about their parents. Along the way to The Institute, Max suffers headaches and hears voices in her head which guide them to the location of The Institute. From the information they obtain, they learn their parents live near Washington D.C. and they decide to take flight to attempt to find them.

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Mr. Zoccola Period 5 Book Report Glog by Nick Romano

Nudge has brown hair and skin and is eleven years old. She talks a lot and is called the Nudge Channel because it's "all Nudge, all the time." She loves Max more than anyone. Like a normal young girl, she loves fashion and constantly wants new things. In the story, she wants more than anything to meet her mother who she believes she found but didn't get the chance to talk to. Gasman(A.K.A. Gazzy) is named after his notable sensitive bowels. He is Angel's biological brother and is great at making bombs just like Iggy. He is eight years old with blonde hair. Angel and he are the only blood related siblings in the Flock. Angel is the youngest in the Flock. She has white wings and is Gazzy's sister. She is Max's favorite in the group. She has the ability to read and control minds. She loves stuffed and cute animals. She is the character who is taken hostage in the beginning half of the story.

Maximum Ride (A.K.A Max) is the main character of this book series. She is a fourteen year old girl and the oldest of the Flock. She is the respected leader and acts as an older sister to her Flock since they are still little kids. She is the physically strongest of the Flock with a wingspan greater than the rest of the hybrids. She is a loyal leader to her friends and would sacrifice anything for them. Fang is the eldest boy of the Flock. He has a quiet disposition and perfers dark clothing to match his hair and eyes. He tends to keep the group in check and is Max's right-hand man. In addition to being the second-in-command, he is a thinker and provides logic and reason to the Flock's plans.Iggy is only two months younger than Fang. He is pale and has "strawberry" hair. He is blind due to a scientific experiment conducted on him at The School. As a result, he is an excellent listener. He is skilled at developing bombs and starting fires. He is intelligent and mathematically oriented.

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I thought that this was a fantastic story for both guys and girls. It is a science fiction and adventure book written for young adults, although it could be enjoyed by adults, too. One of my favorite aspects of the story was the fast paced action. The story kept me entertained the entire time with little to no dull parts. I was most impressed with the characters that James Patterson created. Max was a great leader and Fang was a powerful warrior. Since the main characters were kids, I felt that I could connect with them and admired their abilities. By the end of the book, I was left wanting to know more. I look forward to reading the next book in the series and would highly recommend this book for anyone who isn't a huge fan of reading.



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