Maximum Ride Part 1

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Maximum Ride Part 1

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

By: James Patterson

James Patterson was born in Newburgh, New York on March 22, 1947. He attended Manhattan College as an undergraduate and Vanderbilt University for his master's degree in English Literature. In 1976, he published his first book, The Thomas Berryman Number, which received the Edgar Award for mysteries. This would be the start of an extremely prosperous career in writing for Patterson. In 1993, his breakout novel, Along Came A Spider, was published. Using the character, Detective Alex Cross, Patterson has written many mystery stories such as Kiss the Girls and Pop Goes the Weasel. Along with his Alex Cross series, Patterson has created many works including the Maximum Ride series and the Women's Murder Club series. Whether it be a co-written story or an independent work, Patterson has earned millions for his fiction writing and holds the Guinness World Record for the most New York Times best-selling books.

Mr. Zoccola's Period 5 English Class Presents:Nick Romano's Book Report:


The Plot

In Maximum Ride, the story’s plot is centralized around a group of genetically altered human kids with avian (bird) DNA. They have special powers including actual wings and the ability to fly. Raised in a laboratory called “The School”, the children were under the control of “white-coats” or scientists. One day, the six avian hybrids managed to escape The School and with the help of white-coat Jeb, they live on their own in hiding. The group, or “Flock”, consists of six children, three boys and three girls, ranging in age from six to fourteen. The conflict begins when scientists and Erasers (humans with wolf DNA) attack the Flock and kidnap Angel, the youngest girl. Maximum Ride, the unquestionable leader of the Flock, personally leads two of the Flock on a mission to rescue Angel. After several clashes with Erasers, including Ari, a boy they knew from The School, they get Angel back. Angel shares important information with them which prompts them to take a trip to find “The Institute”. This is a laboratory, similar to The School, in New York City, where they hope to find information about their parents. Along the way to The Institute, Max suffers headaches and hears voices in her head which guide them to the location of The Institute. From the information they obtain, they learn their parents live near Washington D.C. and they decide to take flight to attempt to find them.


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In the story, symbolism surrounds every aspect of the book. The charcters and their fight for freedom are shown throughout. Their wings and unique flying ability symbolize their freedom from The School in the end. The wings also symbolize their freedom of a normal life. They lives in hiding with no parents, rules, or limits. In this freedom of a normal human life, they are able to have their special powers and fly as unique organisms in Patterson's fictional world.


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