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Maximum Ride: Angel

Author:James Patterson

Title: Angel (a continuation of Fang)

Summary of Fang:While Max and Fang fall in love with each other, Max's finds out that her perfect soulmate comes to see her, she is still in love with Fang. They then leave the flock to be alone with each other. Angel takes control the flock after they kicked Max out of it. Fang then realizes that he is a danger to the flock. He leaves Max with Dylan and tell them not to look for him.

Book report: A Maximum Ride Novel

Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

In the epilogue, we find out that Angel lived from the explosion and was captured by people in the Doomsday group or from the "school" (the lab where they were "created). Therefore, there is another continuation to Angel, which is called, "Nevermore."

I think that the books are great. I'm really into these book and I'm excited to read the next books. Since I know that this book has a continuation of this book, I am going to do my best to get the next two books and read the entire series.

Exposition: Max is heartbroken because Fang left. She is left with Dylan who is supposed to be her soulmate.Rising Action 1: Dr. Martinez, the flock, Jeb, and Dr. Gunther Hans go find out who Generation 77 will be. The plane crashes and they lose Dr. Gunther Hans.Rising Action 2: Ella tell them about The Doomsday group and the One Light. Iggy and Ella are hypnotized into being with the One Light. Ella then runs away to get WINGS. Max starts to fall in love with Dylan.Rising Action 3: Jeb and Dr. Martinez then walk away with no explanation. They then track down the Doomsday group and find out that the Fang Gang will also be there. They will have to work together to fight the D.G. Angel and Gazzy are kidnapped from a mission.Falling Action: Dylan tells Max that it's no use to find Angel because they were waisting time.

Characters of The Flock and the Fang Gang:-Max -Fang-Angel -Maya-Nudge (Max's clone) -Dylan -Star-Gazzy -Ratchet-Iggy -Kate -Holden Squibb

While in Paris, Max gets a "mind message" from Angel saying that she and Gazzy are in trouble and to come save them. Max, Dylan, and Fang go into the sewers and finds out that Angel and Gazzy are rigged for a poisoness gas explosion. Max leaves Gazzy to lengthen the time of when it sets off while they try to get everyone from the Doomsday Group out of the plaza. They get many people out but Dylan gets shot, Max was almost choked to death. Maya ends up stopping him. The gas explosions go off. Max sees that only Gazzy and Fang come out from the smoke. Angel is nowhere to be seen.

Setting:-Arizona-Paris-time near the end of the world

The Fang Gang


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