[2015] Benton Panther: Maximum Ride

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[2015] Benton Panther: Maximum Ride

My favorite part was when Max was trying to save a little girl from three strange guys with a gun. And she starts a fight.(and more but cant spoil)

Maximum Ride; The Angel Experiment

Angel was taken back to the school to be experimented on, and the group needed to save her!

Book Title?



Max, Fang, Nudge, The Gasman, and Angel are the main characters.

Main Characters?

The setting is mostly the school. Which in there case is a science lab/prison called school.

The authors name is James Patterson.


Favorite Part?

The theme is putting others before your self.


Point Of Veiw?

It is first person for Max. But third person for all the other characters.

If thre was a sequel to this book, what would you want the author to include?

I would like the author to include the location of Max's parents. And to tell if the voice that she keeps hearing is Jeb.

Why do you think the author chose this title for the book?

Because Angel got kidnapped by erasers and taken back to the school to be experimented on. It was up to Max and the gang to save her!


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