Max William Poverty

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Max William Poverty

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Dear President Obama,I have been learning about poverty in America, and I have some ideas. Almost 4,000,000 people are in poverty, including kids. Poverty is putting people in the streets with no food. If you could put more job and shelters. With things like food, clean water, a bed ect. Please take this to thought. Sincerly, William T

Dear Mr.PresidentThere is alot of poverty in the world right now. There are becoming more homeless people in the world. Almost 4,000,000 people are in poverty. You should do something about it. One thing you should do is place each homeless in a shelter and give them a job that provides enough money. Money will give them a home and food From, Max C

Prayer For The PoorDear Lord, Give people a home to sleep in. A diner to eat in.A store to shop in. A job that provides enough money. A bed to sleep in. Someone to care about them. Bless them to find a place where there hearts will be warmed.Amen

Max Carran William Tracy 6C 11/16/11

Opening Our Doors to ChristPoverty relates to our school motto Opening Our Doors to Christ becuse we open our hearts to others in need. I have showed our schools motto by giving money to Housing for Humanity. I also have showed our motto by giving half of my birthday money to the Church. I know all of the money I gave was for a good cause. My dad said '' If you do or give something to others in need God will give you 10 times more. I think it's great that we give lunches to the lighthouse shelter. If we donate enough money to the poor it will end poverty.

Open our doors to christOpen our doors to christ relates to poverty because we give things like money and food to the poor. I have showed our schools motto by giving money in the poor box at Church. we can help by donating our time to the poor at shelters cooking for them. Poverty is making people hungry sick and cold. If we give money for them we can end poverty.


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