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Max Weber

Born in Erfurt, RussiaHe went to university and became a professor and active lawyerGerman Sociologist and Political EconomistBest known for Protestant Ethic ThesisMarried Cousin: Marianne SchnitgerMental breakdown caused by a falling out with his father that went unresolved due to father's deathhe was out of work for 5 years and in and out of hospitalsfinally able to get back to work in 1903


1864 - BORN1889 - Earned Ph.D1893 - Married Cousin1897 - Mental Breakdown1906 - Wrote The Protestant Ethic...1918 - works again1920 - DEATH

Protestant Ethic ThesisWrote books: 4 most popular:The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1905)The Religion of China(1916)The Religion of India (1916)Ancient Judaism (1917-1918)


Verstehen- is an empathetic understand of the meanings others attach to their actions. He had this understanding and it helped him become a great sociologist.Ideal Type- Description of essential characteristics of some aspect of sociteyHe's a sociologist


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Max Weber




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