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Max S. photo essay

Creativity Club Make Your Mark Project!

I give some credit to Peter Reynolds because otherwise I would not know about International Dot Day or would not have been working very hard to have a Creativity Club.

Steps For My ClubStep 1: Plan MeetingStep 2: Pass out Permission SlipsStep 3: Have MeetingStep 4: Have FunStep 5: Hear Effect

The effect on people was that they enjoyed the meeting. As I was still walking out people were saying to me things like, "Wow that was very fun!"

At my Creativity Club meeting we talked about art and did and art challenge. The art challenge was to make a picture with 50 lines or more. You can see the pictures of the drawings around the poster.

If I could do this project again, I would have more time for the art challenge. I would also do a different art challenge. This art challenge would be make a drawing with at least 50 lines, and exactly 50 circles.



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