Max Nguyen - Salt Crystals

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Max Nguyen - Salt Crystals

How do salt crystals grow and what do you need to grow them?

RESEARCH: Salt crystals form when water with salt begins to evaporate. This leaves behind salt deposits that harden and become salt crystals. Salt crystals can be grown using a simple solution of water, table salt and vinegar. You must have evaporation for salt crystals to grow.

EXPERIMENT: My experiment began on October 16, 2011. I made a solution of 1 cup boiling water, 1/4 cup table salt and 2 teaspoons of vinegar. I placed a piece of sponge in some dishes and dotted the sponges with food coloring so that colored crystals would form. The solution was poured over the sponges until the sponges had soaked up the solution and just covered the bottom of the dishes. One dish was placed in the sunlight. A second dish was placed away from the sunlight and kept at room temperature. A third dish covered with foil was placed in the refrigerator.


ANALYSIS: The dish placed in the sunlight had crystals growing within 24 hours. The dish not in the sunlight started growing crystals within 48 hours. There was no sign of crystals in the dish in the refrigerator. As the solution evaporated, I added more solution and crystals continued to form.

CONCLUSION: The heat from the sun helped the solution evaporate and form crystals at a faster rate. The dish at room temperature but not in sunlight formed crystals but at a slower rate than the one in sunlight. The sponge in the refrigerator remained moist and did not grow crystals because the water did not evaporate. Evaporation needs to take place for the crystals to grow. The experiment proved my predictions were correct.


Room Temp

In Refrigerator



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