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Max book report

The settings take place's in 9 different country's,London, Suez,Bombay, Calcutta,Hong Kong, Yokohama,Japan, California and New York


Author: Jules Verne

Book report

Name: Max Garcia Date: 12-18-13

One of the main events was that someone had just robbed a bank and stole $55,000 pounds and Phileas was trying to regain that money. The second reason was that Phileas had a clock that he depended on a lot, so he knew he would be right on time.The third event was that he wanted to show his friends that he could accomplish something big.

Main Events

The main characters in this story are Phileas Fogg, Passepatout and Aouda. Phileas Fogg is the one who makes the bet to go around the world, Passepartout is Phileas's butler and Aouda is just a friend.


Title: Around the World in 80 Days




The conflict of the story is that someone robbed a bank and Phileas was nice by trying to regain that money to pay back the bank so therefore he was going around the world in 80 days so people could bet on him that he would make the trip in 80 days to give the money to the bank.

Phileas Fogg buys a lot more less expensive ways to travel to were he's going and sometimes makes a bargain with some people so he could still have some money left to give back to the bank. For example, he bargained a ship that would take him to Hong Kong for $200 and it was actually $2000.

The theme of the story is that your'e never to small to accomplish a big dream, just like Phileas Fogg did and money doesnt matter.

I like this Book!



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