Max and Black Beauty

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Max and Black Beauty

Max is a great story to read because it has a lot of details. It is so exciting to read because it tells you what is happening and it so easy to follow. You wont get confued in the book it gets straight to the point. It never leaves a detail out. My favorite part is went max escapes and he finds Justin and he helps to save his dad. Max also took down Tyler when he tried to shot Justin.


My ratings

Black Beauty is a great story to read if you like adventure and horses because Black Beauty goes on this adventure she goes to one master then they seller her and she starts to race and then they sell her to someone else and then they sell her to her old masters son and that is where it ends.

Black Beauty

Max setting- Texas, there house, the woods, adn the skate park.C- Justin, Chuy, Dad, Mom, Carmen, Kyle.BB- At a stable, a field, the west.C- Dick, Old Daniel, Squire Gordon

Setting and charaters

AUTHORMax- Jennifer Li ShotzBB- Anna Sewell

Theme Max You can do anything you believe in.


Max- is a 10 BB- is a 6

Max has 253 pages. The genre is fiction. Black Beauty has 197. The genre is fiction.


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