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Facts = exam which you finish your secondary education with - in our school garduation proceeds from 4 May to 21 June- it consists from two parts: one is designed by the state and the other is designed/prepared by the school


That's how the written part looks like. Students are sitting in a classroom and writing a didactic test from Czech and English or Maths and Czech essay. This photo is not from our school, we have mixed classes.

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Oral exams can look like this. The student is going to answer chosen questions. The students in the background is preparinf for 20 minutes on the 'sweat place'.

Mandatorily you must graduate from four subjects. Two are state- you graduate from Czech and from Maths or a foreign language and two are school (=profile)- here you can choose two arbitrary subjectsyou study here.

Last bellThe funniest is 'the last bell'. It is the last day when the students who are going to take maturita are at school. It is so amusing because they are wearing costumes (different every year)and they are painting on other students inf ront of and inside the school.They also visit their teachers and invite them to their class after-maturita party. They give a invitation card to the teachers and have a toast with them of non-alcoholic champagne.

That's what Aleš, Martin, Štěpán and Kuba looked like when there was 'the last bell', it was already the first lesson.

These are our maturants=graduates from the classroom that had 1920's jazz age costumes or on the right deadly costumes!!

This is how they were painting on Miss Opatová.

This is a traditional challenge for rd year students. Older students prepare tasks for them to make them the next maturants= graduates'.


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