Matthew Henson:At the top of the world

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Matthew Henson:At the top of the world

Matthew Henson,peary,and peary's crew all started to begin their trip to the North Pole on April 6th,1909. Almost half of the people who traveled with Matthew Henson and Peary's crew did'nt reach the North Pole because they did'nt want to go and suffer the trip. Matthew Henson did'nt get credit at first because he was colored. After he died on March 9,1955 they honored him and put a note on his grave. If he never met Peary at the store he worked at he would'nt be famouse today.

Important EventsAboutMatthew Henson

Henson's grave

Matthew Henson


Matthew Henson was the first african amierican to reach the North Pole! He talked with a Navy officer off duty and if he would'nt of talked to him he would'nt be famouse today.

Matthew Henson

Matthew HensonTop of the World

Matthew Henson was the first african amierican to discover the North Pole. When he was still a young boy his mother died. His father did'nt have any use of Matthew so his uncle took care of him. His uncle died years later and Matthew was now on his own. He found a little job at a resturaunt washing dishes. The lady who hired him told Matthew that he could stay in a little room in the kitchen. He did'nt like everyone careing for him so he left. He got older and joined a ship. He left the ship, got a job at a clothing store called B. H Steinmetz and Sons and met Peary a Navy officer and became his slave.

Matthew Henson

Matthew Henson's Expedition


Born: August 8, 1866 Death:March 9, 1955North Pole:April 6, 1909