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Matthew Henson Top the World

Matthew Alexander Henson was the first African American Arctic explorer an associate of Robert Peary on seven voyages over a period of nearly 23 years.At first things went well in the henson family but then Matthew`s mother died and his father found himself unable to care for Matthew.The even year old boy was sent to live with his uncle a kindly man.

Matthew died in 1955 at age 88 in New york

Matthew Henson and Robert Peary were the first men to ever go to the North Pole.


Matthew Henson was born in August 8,1866 in Charles County Maryland Fourty four miles of Washigton D.C

Matthew HensonTop of the World

Matthew henson and Robert E.Peary they explorer the north pole and he traveled seven voyages with Robert E.Peary.

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The plan was to have two men Bartlett and Borup go ahead of the rest of the group to cut a trail streching from the base.

This is Robert E. Peary.This man help Matthew Henson reach their goal in history

The sad part when Matthew was little he couldn't spend time with them


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