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Matthew Gardner

Books Matthew Cody Has Wrote

So far Matthew Cody has wrote seven books. These books are, Powerless, Super, Villianous (The Supers of Nobles Green Trilogy.), Will In Scarlet, The Peddlers Road, The Pharoh of Hong Kong, and The Dead Gentleman.

Matthew Cody's book Will In Scarlet has been nominated for the Rebecca Caudil award as of 2015.

Matthew Cody gained inspiration to write about superheroes from his childhood. Thats what inspired him to write the supers of nobles green trilogy.

What Inspired Matthew Codys First Book

Mathew Cody was born and raised around Saint Louis.He loved reading comic books and running around as Superman at a young age.Matthew Cody studied creative writing and theater in college. He later went on to get a Master's Degree in Theater from the University of Alabama.Matthew Cody loves superheroes.In 2009, Matthew Codys first book was published. It was called Powerless. It was about superheroes.

Some Information About Matthew Cody

Awards Won by Matthew Cody

Matthew Cody By-Matthew Gardner



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