Matter Matters

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Matter Matters



A compound is a substance created by the combination of the elements.

Boiling and Frezing Point

3 States of Matter and Particle Movement

Matter Matters!

When a liqued is heated enough to become a gas.The temp. it turns into a gas at is 100*C

Solid, Liqueds, and Gases are all the 3 states of matter. Some examples of solids are ice, tables, cups, chairs, plates, spoons, ect.Examples of liqueds are water, soda, vinigar, ect.Some examples of gases are oxygen, hydrogen, nytrogen, ect.When matter changes states, its the movement of the molicules speeding up and slowing down.

Kinetic Energy


Elements are substances in which cant be broken down into anything simpler.

Mixtures are a physical combination of two or more substances that retain their own properties and can be easily separated.A mixture is physicaly combined.

Kinetic energy is energy in motion. An example of this is a cup falling.

Physical change is a change in the size or state of matter. Physical changes can be caused by motion, pressure, and tempature. Breaking a gram craker is an example of a physical change.

Physical Change

Charectoristics of a substance that can be observed without changing the substances into another substance.Some examples are mass,volume,and dencity.

Physical Properties

A characteristic of a substance that can only be observed by changing it into a different substance. The ability to burn is an example of a chemical property.

Chemical Properties

They are the tiny particles that make up all matter.


It is when the molecules of matter change. Chemical changes usually cannot be reversed.

Chemical change


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