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Matt Mihalik Glogster Assignment

Text to Speech Software

By Matt Mihalik

Software Information

How to Use it?-Text to Speech Software allows the students to hear what they have written down on the computer. By doing this it allows students to catch spelling and other grammar errors they might not catch by just reading the document. Also it is great for children who might have reading problems. To use it simply download the software or just simply choose the text-to-speech option in your application.

Who will Benefit?1. Young Children.2. Children with reading disabilities.3. Teachers so they can help their students.4. . Students with Autism.

Pros:1. Allows students to hear their work orallyso they have a better chance of catching mistakes.2. Software is very easily accesable3. Software is almost always free.Cons:1. By using this software all the timestudents could lose reading skills.2.Young children may not have attention span to listen to whole document and catch mistakes.

More InfoSite that offers free software.(hyperlink 2)

More InfoSite that offers reviews for text to software. (hyperlink 1)

An Individual Student could use this by writing an essay and then proof read their essay in class by getting their written text played back to them.



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