Matt B- book report

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Matt B- book report

Kidnapped Series

BOOK 1.In book 1 two kids named Aiden Falconer and his sister Meg Falconer are walking home from school. All of a suddon a van marked WILLIS EXTERMINATING pulls up beside them. Two men wearing masks hop out of the back of the van and grab Meg.The Falconer family turns to the F.B.I to find her and return her home.

BOOK 2.Meg is locked in a trunk of an old buick.When she is given time to think she usually capitalizes on it.(EX)When she is in the bathroom of an old service station she sends secret messages to her brother(Aiden).You are probablly wondering how she sent these.She stuffed toilet paper rolls down a toilet drain and clogged it. She knows that Aiden read a book where the exact same thing happend.

BOOK 3.I have not read the third book yet but i'm sure it is amazingly exiting and thrilling as the first two.I highly recomend you read the KIDNAPPED series if you like suspense, action, ect.MB#31

Setting-Baltimore VirginiaTime period-2000 Charachters-Meg, Aiden, Kidnappers, Richie, and agent Harris and SorensonProblem- Meg gets kidnapped

Written By Gordan Korman

Conclusion-I have not read the third book yet so I do not know what the conclusion is yet.My Opinion-On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 10 because it is a very exiting book!!!!!!!




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