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During this class I have had my challenges with the activities and technologies. I am the type that will figure new LMS to ensure tha I understand the use of the software. Creating the eportfolio was the most challenge simple because I had to learn how to manipulate the site to get it to do what I wanted it to do. another challenge was redesigning some of my activities to make the technology based. Coming up with ways to enrich them with technology was challenging but once I got my mind wrapped on what I wanted to revise it got easier.

This class was an experience that open many doors for me. It showed me better ways to look at how to reach learners of all different ages and stages in their life. The class allowed me to take my understanding of technology to a level that I never believed existed. It also taught me how to reach for a higher expectation within my training modules

My Thoughts


My Challenges

* Technology made my training modules more interested* I learned many different ways to make my training material media rich.* I learned how to use glogster :)* I meet new colleagues that where amazing.


Technology makes life easier and the concept of reaching all learners through different means of technology was interested.

This class has made me more aware of the design and development of my training modules. 21st century technology has changed the ways in which we communicate and go about our lives. Taking this class allowed me to learn new and innovative ways to create a more interesting and amazing training. This week I trained ECE educators and I used Prezi as usual. I tweaked the material slightly and after reading the reviews I was Happy.MATLT: A Project Approach taught me a lot.




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