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It is essential for animals to carry out reproduction whether it be asexual or sexual. We will be looking at sexual reproduction and mating to produce offspring. Mating is a must for animals that carry out sexual reproduction so that they can keep a steady population size for their species.


Two organisms coming together to produce offspring via sexual reproduction

Mating practises are influenced by seasonal breeders, different seasons and weather patterns as well as hormonal changes:Seasonal Breeders: Animals that only mate during certain times of the year. A time that allows optimal survival of the young.Breeding Season: The most suitable season for animals to mate. Abiotic factors play a key role in determining the season.Animals are aware of these times due to it being instinctive and with the help of environmental cues.

k StrategyAdvantages:- A much higher success rate.Disadvantages:- Few offspring produced.- Large time and energy invested.- Higher risk to parents.

Penguins are separated for a long time during the migration period. Intercourse only takes 3 minutes. They only mate once in a year. When the male is accepted, they sing a mating song.

r StrategyAdvantages:- Produces large number of eggs.- Little invested time and energy.Minimal risk to parents.Disadvantages:- Low success rate.


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