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Author: Roald Dahl

Title: Matilda

CharactersMatildaThe Precocious Brain. A 5 year-old girl who is exceptionally good at reading and math, and teaches herself to do complicated problems in her head, as well as how to read. In fact, Matilda might be the smartest character we've ever met. She is also very kind hearted and modest.Miss HoneyThe Mentor. Miss Jennifer Honey was a mild and quiet person who never raised her voice and was seldom seen to smile, but there is no doubt she possessed that rare gift for being adored by every small child under her care.The TrunchbullShe was a gigantic holy terror, a fierce tyrannical monster who frightened the life out of the pupils and teachers alike. There was an aura of menace about her even at a distance […] Thank goodness we don't meet many people like her in this world, although they do exist and all of us are likely to come across at least one of them in a lifetime.

SettingsBased on the small location references in Matilda, you might try to figure out the region of England that the book's probably set in. But other than those few references, we don't know much more than the fact that Matilda takes place in a small English village. whole


What you think about the Book?

I loved the book and the film. Although it is a fantasy book and it is intended for children, I think it also teaches as to be better parents and teachers. It shows us that you can achieve anything with determination and love.

Matilda wins against The Trunchbull using her intelligence and her powers, this way she helps Miss Honey. At the end they live together and are like a mother and a daughter

Problem, conflict


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