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Matias_Immigrant's Guide to the Colonies Blog

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Immigrant's Guide to the Colonies

Middle Colonies

John Smith founded Virginia for economic opportunities

Mountain Climbers would want to settle; others cannot stand the cold or hazardous weather conditions

Founding of NC: nobles in 1663 for poor farmers who left Virginia

fertile soil due to glaciers from the North

Southern Colonies

Lots of sunlight and rainwater extended the growing season which made the colonies ideal for farming

The Duke of York founded New York after taking the land from the Dutch

William Penn founded Pennsylvania with Quakers, seeking religious freedom

Long winters, Short summers, short growing season, short growing season (only 3-7 months), rocky soil, good seaports

New England Colonies

the colonies had many trees which were good for lumberjacks; fishing was best suitable; whaling; shipbuilding

Rhode Island was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams for religious freedom and separation of church from state

New Hampshire was founded in 1692 by John Mason for farming

John Smith

William Penn

Roger Williams



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