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Algebra I

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Maths Project

Draw a table, substitute x co-ordinates: 3;2;1;-3;-2;-1.. into the equation to get the corresponding y co-ordinates. get the y co-ordinates and plot them on a graph

Different Forms

The Hyperbola

Different uses of the hyperbola in real life


This is the graph y=6/x with no shifts. you just plot the points from the table. It is posetive so it is plotted on the 1st and 3rd quadrant

This is the inverse if the graph above. it is negative and is plotted on the 2nd and 4th quadrant

This is the graph y=6/x with shifts added to it. the new equation is y=6/(x+2) +3.

(x+2) means that the graph will shift to the left 2 times and +3 means that the graph will move up 3 times on the cartesian plane.

HOW TO Solve for the equation

Simply what you do is write down you equation of the hyperbola

Make 'a' the subject of the formular like this:

Solve for 'a' like this:and now you know that 'a' is 6

Substitute the x and y values that are given in the graph into the formular like this:

Put the value of 'a' (6) into the standard formular like this:

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