Mathias Dixon Recycling Project

by misslegacy
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Mathias Dixon Recycling Project

Recycling Paper: How do you do it?

Hypothesis-I think that when you make paper it can take a long time. We can make it at home. I think it will look brown and it will feel smooth.

Materials-construction paper paper towelsscrap paperI tore it into small pieces of paper then I soaked it in a bowl with water. It helps break down into smaller pieces.

You tear up paper and put into a bowl with water and you let it soak. When its soakey enough grind it in a blender. Let the water drain out and put it in the mold and squish it. Let it dry and then it will be paper.

Conclusion-I let the paper pieces soak for about an hour. The paper was all squishy. My hypothesis was wrong because the color was pink and it feels bumpy. We rolled out and got all the water out. We did make it at home.



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