[2014] Kate Ptak (Default class): Mathew Brady

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[2014] Kate Ptak (Default class): Mathew Brady

"Brady and the Union speech made me president." (1)

Adult Life before Civil WarBefore Matthew Brady took pictures he painted, made jewlery, and and manufactured dagurreotypes. Than Brady opened a studio in Washington D.C. Brady photographed Abraham Lincoln, Martin Van Buren, Senator John Calhon, Edgar Allen Poe, and Phineas T. Barnum.

After the Civil WarSusan B. Anthony, and Thomas Edison got portraits from Mathew Brady.(26) By the end of the war he obtained a large debt. (35) He ended up selling his collection to the government for $25,000. (34)

Civil WarBrady and his team captured thousands of photos.(39) He captured the effects of this war on people towns and battlefields.(32)

Importance of the Civil WarThe dead bodies showed that the war took a toll on both side. (23) All in all, he created a visual documantation of the Civil War. (38)

Early LifeHe was born in 1823 in Warren County, NY. (7) His parents, Andrew and Julie Brady, were Irish immigrants.(8) Brady was the youngest of five children.(16) During his mid-teens he started to lose his eyesight.(18) Samuel F. B. Morse tutored Brady in daguerreotypy.(9)

Mathew Brady

Thesis StatementEven though he didn't take most of his photos and some were staged, Mathew Brady showed America the brutality of the Civil War though his galleries.



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