Mathematics in Real Life Situation

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Mathematics in Real Life Situation

Circles, one of the important shapes in math, plays an important role in our life.Eg, Wheels. Planets, Earth , our eyeballs are in the shape of circle

Wheels the most important discovery in the history is in circular shape. If it was not is circular shape or if it was not discovered then Transportation would be in darkness.

Mathematics is the study of quantity,structure,space, etc.It is an important branch of science.

Mathematics in Real Life Situations

We need Mathematics for everything. It is present in each corner of this world. From a small particle to Megastructures Math is present.Without Math we would still be in ancient primitive days.

Geometry, an important branch of Math is essential for Construction of buildings. We see geometry everywhere.If Geometry was not there then we cant see any buildings and we would have not heard of Architecture.

Pyramids of Giza uses geometry to its extent. Its straight lines and shapes very accurate, and most important of all it uses angles as accurate to 0.1degree.It was built around 4500years ago in 2570 BC.

We see patterns everywhere.Natural patterns include trees, waves, symmetries,spirals etc.

Zero was invented by Aryabhatta of India.Today, zero both as a symbol and a concept meaning the absence of any quantity allows us to perform calculus, do complicated equations, and to have invented computers.


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