Mathematics: Fishy Count

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Number Operations

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Mathematics: Fishy Count


This will help them learn numbers, count and match the correct numbers together


1. Need box of gold fish ( Depending on how many children you have will affect how many boxes you will need)2.Need constrution paper ( one paper for each child)3. Black marker

S1: Using the black marker and consrutuon paper draw three medium size fish outlines that will cover up the entire paper, make sure the fish are big enough to put goldfish inside them.S2: Inside each goldsih write a differnt number in each one re=anging from 1-10S3: hand out the papers and gold fish (make sure they have the same amount of goldfish that the numers show on the paper)S4: Have them match the number of goldfish to the number inside the fish.

Mathematics Fishy Count


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