[2015] Holley Burford: Mathematic Common Core

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[2015] Holley Burford: Mathematic Common Core

The video I chose to view was “Why Students in the US need Common Core Math”. In this video we see Jo Boaler a professor of Mathematics education at Stanford University. She is also the founder of the nonprofit site www.youcubed.org. This site was created to give help to teachers and parents in math learning. In the opening of the video Boaler explains that after looking at data from two year colleges two thirds of students in the United States are failing math. She brings up four aspects of math instruction that should change in order to help students succeed in math and how the common core can help. The first aspect is that, “We need to change math classrooms so they offer math as a learning subject not a performance subject”. Students should feel like they are in math classes to learn and explore, rather than just answer questions. Boaler states that, “We need tasks that encourage learning in math classrooms and to move away from math as a performance subject with lots or short questions”. Common core helps with this by encouraging longer tasks to understand a concept. The second aspect states, “Classrooms need to teach multidimensional mathematics”. Students should be learning how to think about the changing world around them. Boaler gives the following examples of what Multi-dimensional Mathematics would look like; asking questions, forming a model, reasoning, problem solving, communicating, connecting ideas. The mathematical practice standards are the way that teachers can incorporate these skills into their lessons. These are all great skills that students should have to be successful in today’s world whether it is in a job setting or just social interactions. The third aspect is, “All students should be encouraged to take work to the highest level possible”. All students are all different and learn in many different ways. They should have lessons where they can extend and be challenged when needed. Students should be given the opportunity to excel. The fourth and final aspect says that, “Mathematics classrooms should encourage more depth, less speed”. She explains that many people think that good math students are fast, but good math students actually take the time to think and reason. Students work better when they have the time to fully examine tasks that they are being asked to complete. She concludes the video by explaining that the common core provides a good direction for the United States.

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''The Common Core concentrates on a clear set of math skills and concepts. Students will learn concepts in a more organized way both during the school year and across grades. The standards encourage students to solve real-world problems.''-Common Core State Standards Initiative

Common Core MathThree years ago, the state of Alabama adopted the Common Core Mathematics Standards. The state of Alabama actually refers to them as the College and Career Readiness Standards as part of the Plan 2020 to prepare all Alabama graduates for life after high school entering a college or career. The goal of the College and Career Ready Math Standards is to help students to think at a deeper level and increase the rigor of problems they face. AMSTI* Math Specialist, Mindy Hermecz, explains that, "In the real world students will not face naked computation problems, but rather must think critically and be problem solvers". (personal communication, July 5, 2015.) For many years, businesses and corporations have expressed the new employees lacked critical thinking skills, and that gegan the discussion of a nationwide set of standards so that all students across the United States received a quality education that really prepared them for the 21st Century. *AMSTI- Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative

I really liked the points that were made in the video. I believe that it is important to have interactive tasks for students to complete where they have to take time and use reasoning. Any student can simply learn how to use an equation. We should focus on teaching our students to look at the whole picture and fully understand what they are trying to accomplish. This will help them to become skillful learners and thinkers. With these skills they will be able to go out into the world with confidence.



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