Math Two Unit One

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Math Two Unit One

Math 2Unit One

Simplifying Radicals

* Memorize your Perfect Sqaures.* You do know Prime Factorization right? Just use the same concept to simplify the radicand!* Then you gotta find the index, the little number in front of the radical (the weird symbol)* Once you get that, look at your complete factor tree. If you have an index of 2, circle pairs of the same number and so on.* Circled numbers go outside and uncircled go under the radical- mult.

Imaginary Numbers

So, there's some problems even the best mathmetician can't solve. Then we make up a greek letter or symbol to go with it.* i= -1* Always divide the exponent by 4-If it divides evenly, the answer is 1: remainder of 1 the answer is i: remainder of 2 the answer is -1: remainder of 3 the answer is -i.* -6 is the equavilent to -1 times 6. Turn into i and the prime factorize the second #.

* Graphing equation. [a+bi a +b ]* Horizontally add or subtract by combining like terms and you're done!* For -# just use the steps for simplifying using i!* Involves i, obviously.* To multiply use FOIL (First, Outer, Inner, Last) Combine like terms.* You have to eliminate the i from the denominators. You multply both by the complex conjugate.* Absolute value is really it's distance

Complex Numbers



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The Complex Conjugate is the same number, but with a different sign.Prime Facorization is a step used in every category if not problem.


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