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Math Terms

Definitions of Math Terms*Exponent- An exponent is a smallnumber that sits on the top right side of the base, or the number and it tells the number how ma-ny times it has to multiply it self.*Variable- A variable is a letterthat represents anumber.*Constant- A constant is a fixed number that dose NOTCHANGE !!!*Like Terms- Like terms are numbers that have the same variables and exponents.* Unlike Terms-Unlike terms are numbersthat do not have the same variablesand eponents.

Definitions of Math Terms* Term- A term is a single constant of a variable, or the or the prouduct of numbers or variables. *Expression- An expression is a mathamaticalphrase that dose NOT use an EQUAL SIGN!!! * Equation- An equation is a mathematicalsentence that USES an EQUAL SIGN !!!* Coefficient- A coefficient is a numberthat is multiplied to a variable.*

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Examples of TermsTerms- 2x + 5x In the expression 2x + 5x,2x and 5x are terms.Experssion- 3 + (-5) - 2 + 3 The exampleto the left is an expression because it dose NOT use an EQUAL sign!!!Equation- 2a + 4a = 6a The example to the left is an equation becauseit uses an equal sign.Coefficient- 5x In 5x, five is the coefficientbecause it is the number that sits nextto the variable.

Examples of termsExponent- 8 3 In 8 to the 3rdpower, 3 is the xponent because it the number that is telling the 8 how many times it has to multiply itself.Variable- 4x , x is the variablebecause it is the letter sitting next to the number.Constant- 4x-7=5 In 4x-7=5 the 7 and the 5 are the constants because they never change.Like terms- 5x + 7x In 5x +7xthey are bothe like terms because they both have X as their variable. Unlike terms- 2x-7y






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