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Math Survival Guide

Math Survival Guide-Geometry

There are many ways to classify figures. Here are some ways: -By their angles -By number of sides - By number of equal sides Convex polygons have only angles that are less than 180*. Concave polygons have at least one angle above 180*.

3.2-Classifying Figures

Using a ruler and a protractor, you can construct a figure. For example: Construct square BCDE, with sides 2cm long. First, you use the ruler and draw a line 2cm long. Next, you use the protractor and measure a 90* angle.Then, draw another line making a 90* angle. Then, continue the steps until you have a completed square. It should look like this:

Angles can be classified depending on the measure of the angle. Angles can be measured and created using a protractor. You put the protractor on the angle. Line up the angle with the bottom line of the protractor. Where the second line goes will show you what measure the angle is.

3.1-Investigating Angles

3.4-Constructing Figures

A net is the faces of an object spread out in a way that if the net was folded and glued in the right way it would form the object that has the same faces arranged in the same order. This is a net for a cube. When folded, it would make a cube.

3.5-Nets of Objects

Using triangular dot paper, you can draw objects. It is called an isometric drawing. You can draw the front, side, and top views of the object.

3.6-Isometric Drawings




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