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Math summative

Surface AreaSurface area is different than volume. It isn't waht is inside the figure but what the outside is. Like the are of a 2 dimensional figure, but if it's 3 dimensional, then you find the ares of each face, then add them all together. But if you want to find the area of a triangular prism, you find the are of each face, then you divide them by two because a triangle is half the size of a square. To find the are in case you don't know is to multiply the height by the width.

Summative Math Project

VolumeVolume is the amount of units there is inside an object. Like if you have an "L" shaped figure, you can divided it into halves, find the volume in each and add them together. The equation for volume is height multiplyed by width multiplyed by length. To find the volume of a pyramid, you use the equation l*w*h and then you divide by three.

Surface Area and VolumeArea and volume go together because you need measurements for both length, width, and height to clacutae both. For volume you need to multiply yhem together, and for surface area, you need to find the area for each side and multiply by two, but if you find the are of ALL the side, then you simply add them all together.

CircumferenceThe circumference of a cirlce represented by the equation 2*pi*r. Because the circle doesn't have and end you'll need to use pi. For example, if you have a circle and the radius is 4, then your circumference would be 4*3.14...*2 this would equal to 25.12 units. The radius is the distance from the center of the circle to the edge. The diameter us the distance from side to side straight throught the middle, and the circumference the distance around the circle.

Comparing Area and CircumferenceOne thing that circumference and area have in common is that you need to know the radius to find both of them. But, for are, you multiply pi and the radius, and the you square it. When finding circumference, you multiply by the radius, multiply by the two and then istead of squaring it, you multiply it. Also area is finding the amount of units in the circle while circumference is finding the distance around the circle.



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