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Math Statistics

AIM The investigate the different statistics available in the central market to collect.

CONCLUSIONIn conclusion the central markets was a great place to learn about statistics and it great to incorporate real life while learning math. I learnt a lot and I recommend this a an excursion.

DISSCUSION AND RESLUTSIn my group there was Ruby, Effie and I. we worked with another group in order to collect a sustainable amount of data, but we had our individual statistics.The first piece of data that was collected was “what is the highest sold fruit products sold by fruit stores?”. As you can see kiwifruit was the most sold fruit and the least was Orange.Our second piece of data we collected was, “Types of food sold in the central market”. Our results show that Fruit and Veg is the category that is sold the most.The final piece of data we collected was “The amount of staff working at a stall daily”. Although this was a little different it worked. As you can see three staff working at a stall was most common.

INTRODUCTIONWe went to the central markets was to find statistics and the graph them to see how statistics are used in real life



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