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Math Project Quarter 1- Geo


There are 3 Different Types of Transformations

Learning GoalMA.912.G.2.6MA.912.G.2.4




*If one shape can become another using only Turns, Flips and/or Slides, then the two shapes are called Congruent.*A compositions of transformations means that two or more transformations will be performed on one object. For instance, we could perform a reflection and then a translation on the same point.

S.W.B.T.A. Define and identify what a translation, reflection and rotation is on top of be able to do them.


Rotations- A rotation or turn of X degrees around a given point also known as center of rotation.Reflections- A reflection or flip across a given line also called the line of reflection.Translations- A translation or slide that moves points the same distance and the same direction.Congruent- Two or more things being the same shape and size.Preimage- The original imageImage- The image after its been transformed.

Key Concepts

The three examples to the right show how each transformation is done. the lightly colored shape is the preimage and the darker colored shape is the imaige. With the example of the rotation the center of rotation would be the plus symbol.

1. According to picture A, which of the triangles were rotated 90 degrees?2. According to picture A, where is the center of rotation?3. (Using Picture A) Assuming that the yellow triangle is the pre-image, which of the triangles rotated 180 degrees?4. is picture B an example of a reflection or a translation?5. What's the formula used in picture B?

Sample Problems



1. All of the triangles were rotated 90 degrees.2. The center of roation is on point (1; 2)3. The Greenish Grey triangle4. A translation5. (x; y) > (4; -9)

Answer Key

Apply translations to polygons to determine congruence. Know that images formed by translations, reflections,and rotations are congruent to the original shape.

Sunshine State Standards


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