Math Olympics

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Math Olympics

Calling All Math Olympians!!!Do you have what it takes to be a Math Olympian?Submit quality assessments each week to prove your skills, earn individual medals, and help your team win the distinction of being the 2010 FLVS Math Olympics Team Gold Medal Winners!

2010 Math Olympics

Rules:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**Students must submit quality assessments each week.**Individual Medals will be awarded weekly to students submitting: ~5-6 assessments - The Bronze ~7-8 assessments - The Silver ~9+ assessments - The Gold**Each week Math classes will announce their medal counts and standings**When the Olympics is over in March, the winning Math Team will be announced!

What can I do to earn a medal? Set aside time each day just like an athlete and dedicate it to Math!

There will be a medal ceremony in elluminate where the medals will be handed out. Also, you will be able to play some games on elluminate that night to celebrate your hard work! The ceremony date and time will be announced soon.


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