Math In The Solar System

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Math In The Solar System

Astronomy Article #3Astronomy is not just looking at the planets and stars with a telescope! There are math calculations everywhere from the design of the microscope to the movement of space objects!

Link to Article #2:This shows how geometry is used to explain the zodiac signs and the retrograde movement of planets.

Link to Article #1:This article is cool because it discusses the first ideas about planetary motion! It also informs us that Kepler, a very influential scholar/mathematician, had the first ideas of planetary motion.

Math in The Solar System!

By: Steph Cruz

#4-The math behind telescopes

#5- How Math is important in Astronomy!(Skip to 14 minutes)

Article #6:This is a chapter from a text book that explains and gives exact examples of how astronomy NEEDS math in order to be studied. This is super consice and interesting!

#7 & #8- These two videos make up one lecture. They discuss Kepler's discoveries and equations, along with other ways that math is involved in astronomy.

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