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Number Operations

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Math in Daily Life

Math In Daily Life

I was given two tasks by my mom;First task, was to find out how much each item costs and find out how much each costs when we buy 7 towel and 5 sock and total cost is Dhs.95.

So, I applied linear equation in two variables and found out the cost of each towel and sock.

Solution:Let 'x' be towel and 'y' be sock.Equa. 1, 3x+2y=40Equa 2, 7x+5y=95By substitution method,Equa 1 will be, x=40-2y/3

Sub. in equa 2, {7(40-2y/3)+5y=95} x37(40-2y)+15y=285280-14y+15y=285-14y-5y=285-280y=5.Therefore, x=40-2x5/3x=40-10/3x=10

Second task, was to find out how many leaves have the same length from all the leaves in the plant.So, I found out length of all the leaves and made a grouped data table.

Grouped data:Class interval Frequency0-3 73-6 106-9 49-12 5

Solution:l=3, h=3, f1=10, f0=7 & f2=4Mode= l+ (f1-f0/2f1-f0-f2)h= 3+ (10-7/20-7-4)3= 3+ (3/9)3=3+1=4


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