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Number Operations

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Math Everyday

Budget analysts: Budget analysts require the mathematical problem-solving skills necessary in order to develop, analyze, and execute budgets for various sizes of companies. Analysts work to make profits better.

Astronauts: Astronauts use math everyday to make precise mathematical calculations. To help them figure out how the spacecraft leaves Earth's atmosphere and how the astronauts pilot the craft. The deesigners use math to calculate distance, speed, velocity. Math is used to calculate their own safety when creating space-faring vehicles.

Biologists: Math is used as they plot graphs to help them understand equations. They run small “trial and error” tests with some sample numbers when developing algorithms. Biologists also use software with a lot of underlying mathematics.

High-school teachers: Teachers use math to demonstrate sample problems in class. They create assignments for students to work on. Also they write and grade tests.

Carpenters: Math is used in carpentry to build objects properly. Pythagoras theorem is also involved in carpentry. Math is the basis in building objectss.

Mathematician: There are two broad types of mathematicians, those who work with theoritical math and applied math. They use math in everything they do.

Doctors: Doctors use math to determine how much medication to distribute to patients based on weight. Yo determine Body Mass Index (BMI), and to interpret CAT scans. They use statistics and probability to interpret tests results.

College Professor: A college professor’s time is mainly spent on research, preparing class material, meeting with students. Math is used when the professor teaches the specific courses he or she chooses and when the professor does mathematical research.

Architects: Math is used by architects to show the design images on a drawing that can then be used by construction workers to build that image for everyone to see. Math is also needed to analyze and calculate structural problems in order to engineer a solution that will assure that a structure will remain standing and stable.

Chemist: Chemist use math to calculate energy in reactions, compression of a gas, grams needed to add to a solution to reach desired concentration, and quantities of reactants needed to reach a desired product

Economist: Use mathematical models to better understand such issues as the nature and length of business cycles, the effects of inflation, or the effects of tax legislation on unemployment levels.

Cartographers: Math helps cartographers with map scale, coordinate systems, and map projection. Map scale is the relationship between distances on a map and the corresponding distances on earth expressed as a fraction or a ratio. Math helps to represent the scale in much more smaller numbers, making it easier to read.

Math Everyday

Purchasing Agent: The problem solving skills and analytical skills used in mathematics are an essential part as a purchasing manager. They are able to andle complex data and have the ability to see the data from numerous perspectives.

Nuclear Engineer:Math is required for all nuclear engineering, for some branches. Math is specifically used in the computer code side of nuclear engineering, the instrumentation and control (I&C) area, and the heat transfer and fluid flow areas. Neutron transport, shielding work, nuclear criticality, and nuclear safety also involve a lot of math.

Drivers: Drivers use math when driving. the math is already calculated. They use math to figure out the speeds they are going. Also to tell how has been used.