Math Classroom Philosophy

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Math Classroom Philosophy

Mathematics Classroom Philosphy

Karoline Campos

Classroom Rules

The purpose of Math education is to instil the concepts of number relations, sequence and space to students. Math education is an active learning process that allows students to apply thier critical thinking skills into solving an equation and applying it to the real world. The teacher's role in the classroom should be the faciliator of the lesson not the answer key. Students should learn through experiences in the classoom and hands on activies that appeal to many different learning styles.

1. THINK outside the box.2. ASK questions3. Make mistakes4. Show your work5. When in doubt REDUCE

1st Warning: Verbal Warning2nd Warning: Detention3rd Infraction: Call home


Classroom Procedures1. Enter the room quietly and politely.2. Share group supplies and care for them 3. While in groups turn in one paper with all names.4. Turn in homework daily5. Before you leave the room check to make sure your area is clean6. While in groups every memeber will have an assigned task to complete.


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