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Coursebook Selection

Coursebook Selection: Our Decision!

• A workplace language course for young professionals in the Middle East • Low intermediate to low advanced proficiency level • Students aim to work in “inner circle” English speaking companies • Decision between two sets of materials: LearningBranch & Bow Valley • Materials must be suitable for teachers without formal TESOL training • Main focus of the course: learning the “soft skills" for western way of   communication in the workplace


1. Stronger incorporation of soft skills 2. Reflects real-world work situations 3. Incorporates pragmatic, strategic, and sociolinguistic competencies 4. Listening skills are well integrated with other skills across activities 5. Vocabulary embedded within a functional, work-related environment 6. Interactive and user-friendly website

6 reasons to choose this coursebook

Course Aims

• to communicate appropriately in a workplace setting, with a focus mainly on listening and speaking • to understand and conduct general workplace conversations • to build and maintain good relationships with the target community • to “sell” themselves well, highlighting their excellent technical skills

Learners' needs (click on images)

Coursebook evaluation

Technology/Multimedia evaluation

A video example from the coursebook

Our final verdict... (Click on image below)

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Presented by: Jenelle Chow || Paul Meighan |  Jocelyn Maleniza | Megan Churchill-Browne |  Fan Wu



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