MAT156 SyllabusF11

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MAT156 SyllabusF11

New project each unit: Mindmeister mindmap, Animationish animation, GlogsterEDU poster, and Hyperstudio stackprojects worth 60 pts each



Animation ProjectAnimationish

Homework:My Math LabORtextbookworth 50 pts (5%) at least 3 questions on test,due within 5 minutes of beginning of class

Service Learning15 hrs, elementary math classrom, keep journal in blogger, log hours on google website, attend orientationworth 100 pts (20 paperwork, 70 journal and 10 for refelction)

Google websitekeep all projects created from course housed hereService learning journal on blogger - put link on your Google website Service learning hours logged Website worth 60 pts


Technology !MobiLadibugCPS PulseLivescribe Pulse

4 tests100 pts eachfinal150 pts

download Jing!


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