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MASSCue Presentation

Ms. Schropfer's POWER Learners

About Myself: I am currently a fourth grade special education teacher at Greenfield Middle School. When I participated in Math + Web 2.0 = Learning 4 All, I was teaching a seventh grade enrichment math class as well as a substantially separate Special Education class for fourth through seventh grade students.

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Since Math + Web 2.0 = Learning 4 All, I have become more open to using technology with students. I have put the camera in their hands and let them explore and discover and report on their world. I have used the camera as an assessment tool in language arts as well as math.

The Rubric is here.

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One very remarkable student found what he needed to feel safe on class field trips as the camera man! This student had previously refused to attend any event outside the school building or inside the auditorium. As the camera man he went to outdoor recess, then on a short walking field trip and on a whole class trip 45 minutes away from our school! Now he is enjoying assemblies in the auditorium - without the camera!

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