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Born: Dec 21, 1401Died: In 1427Born and Raised: San Giovanni Valdarno, ItalySubjects: Figures such as religious scenes, and religious peopleFocus: PaintingsOther Names: MasoFull Name: Tommaso CassaiFamily: Father died when Masaccio was at the age of five. Masaccio had a brother that same year as the death of his father who grew to be an artist as well. His name was Giovanni.


The Holy Trinity depics. The son of God, Mary, St. John, and finally the Father and Son and holy spirit. He used linear perspective in the painting to origanize its composition. It was painted around the 1400's.

For Masaccio he achived alot. He was the first artist to use mathamatics system called Liniar Respective to create the illusion of space in a picture. Aslo he influenced artist all who declared his advances in perspective, lighting, and figures.

Lasting Impact


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MasaccioA true Renaissance Artist Pioneer


Holy Trinity

Virgin and Child With St. Anne...1426

Masaccio was one of the first renissance artists, so he has influenced lots of previous artists with his idea of using math. Also his perspective was unique and the way he drew the scenes.

Yet again Masaccio does another drawing of the famous religion Christianity. This work was actually painted on wood. Not a canvas but just plain old wood. He used bright colors because the picture is a happy atmosphere. Many people have drawn madonna and child but this one is different because, the detail on the clothing is much more realistic then those in the past. Yet again he used linear perspectiveto give distance between the throne and the angels. The subject of this was of course Mary and baby Jesus with angels all around.

This was one of Masaccio's last paintings. It is one of his most famous paintings because he finished it in the same year he died. This painting is about a highly stylized and decorative painting we associate with Medieval times to painting emphasizing three-dimensional space and solid, realistic human forms. This is exactly the same techniques in all his paintings it's just that this can relate to more people due to the money and wealth factor.

Tribute Money1427

Video of what linear perspective is and how to draw it

When Al Roker does a Bio on you, you know you did something right (Talks about Impact of Masaccio)


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