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Massachusetts"The Bay State"

State MottoBy the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.

State Year & Rank1788, 6th state

The black-capped chickadee was named the Massachusetts state bird in 1941. Black-capped chickadees are social, energetic, and friendly birds. Chickadees don’t migrate so people there enjoy them all year long.

In 1980 the Right Whale was known as Massachusetts state mammal. The whales are called Right because they swim slowly, close to the surface, and near the shores since they have lots of blubber.

State Mammal

State Bird

In 2007 the Garter Snake was designated to be Massachusetts state reptile. The Garter snakes are harmless and small.

Massachusetts found the state gem Rhodonite in 1979. The colors can vary to a light pink, deep rose, or a reddish pink. Rhodonite is considered the most beautiful gem material found in Massachusetts.

Mayflowers are endangered and rarely found. The flowers have been endangered since 1925 and have been adopted by Massachusetts during the year, 1918. Sandy-, rocky-soils, and under the everglades are the places mayflowers prefer and they're mostly found in Massachusetts.

State Flower

State Reptile

State Mineral

By: Isabel Morimoto


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