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Social Studies
American History

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The pilgrims daily work in the new land, was fishing, farming, lumbering and shipbuilding

Massachusetts was founded by the pilgrims in the early 1620's. It than became a state on February 6, 1788

Journey To America

The Pilgrims, founders of Massachusetts, came from England. In there home town times were tough, many lives were primitive and poor. Many poor families lived in cottages that werent very well made. The pilgrims wanted to purify the Church Of England. The Church was a main place, appriciated by many pilgrims of England. The pilgrims requests of purifying the Church Of England, werent answered. With that, many pilgrims left to make a journey to America, where they could have freedom to worship there religion.


New Plymouth

John Carver

John Carver was the first governer of New Plymouth. He was elected by the pilgrims, during there journey on the Mayflower. He served as governer for one year. Cold, and contaminated food, caused a sickness in the colony. John Carver was among those who bacame sick and died. William Bradford was his successor.

I am John Carver the first governer of New Plymouth

I am William Bradford the second governer of New Plymouth

I am William Brewster a leader and preacher of New Plymouth

This ship is the Mayflower, the pilgrims sailed on there

Social,legal,and political ways all revolved around the pilgrims religion. Many rules were determined, and voted on by pilgrims of the colony. Than the governer had final word.

The first settelment on New Plymouth wasn't easy for the pilgrims, because of the rough winter. Although Indians had made peace treaty's with the pilgrims. They helped in farming, provided, clothing, and shelter, for the first five years.






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